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Batter Up! Building Your Leadership Bench
Download File:
Leadership Bench_Viewing_Toolkit…
pdf / 6.81 MB
Author: Brown, Buckley, Tucker
Publishing Organization: National Training Center- Partnership
Date Published: 09/10/2012
Abstract: This toolkit is available for download using the download file in the right hand corner. Please use the Additional Resource Link to be taken to a page containing other materials associated with this toolkit (such as webinar recordings, workshop handouts, or supplements). Succession Planning needs to be part of an agency-wide and comprehensive Leadership Development program in order to enable the organization to develop, support, and retain staff with the skills and qualities needed to lead Community Action Agencies in the 21st century. This Toolkit provides current Community Action leaders with a guideline for implementing a systematic approach to meet short-term leadership needs while developing long-term strategies to cultivate the next generation of Community Action leaders – Building a Leadership Bench.
Resource Type
  1. Webinar/Multimedia
  2. Toolkit/Guidebook
  3. Training Curriculum/Module
T/TA Need
  1. Leadership
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Emerging Leaders
  4. Succession/Backup Planning
  5. Human Resources
  6. Staff performance management
  7. Risk Management and Assessment
Outcome Strategies
  1. Agency Organizational Development
Target Group
    Geographic Location

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