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Welcome to the CSBG T/TA Consultant Bank. This section of the database is intended to provide the CSBG network with contact information about consultants who offer training and/or technical assistance to organizations working in the CSBG arena. We hope to identify resources that will satisfactorily meet your training needs. NASCSP and the Partnership have worked diligently to identify and maintain a list of consultants with suitable experience and expertise. Please feel free to contact any consultant listed in order to further assess their skills and abilities in meeting your training or technical assistance goals and objectives.

NASCSP and the Partnership do not endorse or recommend any specific consultant or business identified on this site; claims or statements made by consultants are the sole responsibility of the respective business or person who made such claims. We highly recommend that you use your own procurement practices and contract development methods to secure a consultant that will meet your organization's training and technical assistance requirements. NASCSP and the Partnership do not make any expressed or implied guarantees or warranties regarding resources, businesses or consultants identified in the consultant bank.

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