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Re: Agency Software 5 years, 2 months ago #343

I strongly recommend Easytrak by Smartquest Technologies. They have offices in Maitland, Fl and Atlanta, GA. The developer is the son of a former CAP Director, and the company regularly uses my input as a ROMA trainer, as well as other experts in the field. It currently is designed to cover programs operated under Community Services, Weatherization, LIHEAP and Head Start. We use it for our Emergency Solutions Prevention/Re-Housing Grants, TANF Grants (Work Experience, Job Coaching, SSI Advocacy), EFSP, and Non-Federal programs as well. It is not HMIS Certified yet, but they are currently working on it.

It auto-scales based on demographic and characteristic data, which assigns a score to each dimension as well as an overall self-sufficiency score. Data from the scales is used to provide a comprehensive CM plan (which can be customized in the back end of the software). It also provides a "needs assessment" based on the scaled data. Reports show the average percentage of movement by program so you can see what programs are really changing lives.

We have also incorporated our state's Community Action Plan into the system, so we are able to see our planned vs. actual numbers at any given time.
An IS survey component has also been developed, which allows agencies to pull data directly from the software for the NPI portion of the report.
The Community Section offers a place to record services/strategies that don't fit into a client file. Also, the Agency Section allows a place to record strategies related to organizational capacity.

We have also just created an Organizational Standards scoring component. There is a second part in development that would allow agencies to directly upload evidence of the Org Standards which the state can pull down from the internet. It provides an automatic compliance score based on your answers to determine if your agency will be at risk of action under IM #116.
We have also already identified solutions for capturing many of the ROMA NG components (baseline/all characteristics, new community reports, etc.), but they are on hold until the final requirements are officially posted.
As a data guy, I have tried MANY of the software options out there for this type of work and have never seen anything near as impressive as this one.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.
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