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TOPIC: Agency Software

Agency Software 7 years, 1 month ago #300

I am looking for information on what software other CAP agencies are using to track CSBG, LIHEAP, HUD, HIPPY, Healthy Families, Weatherization and Head Start. In Florida would be a real bonus.

I realize that may or may NOT be a single solution provider. What we have to day is very expensive and just doesn't deliver.

So far ChildPlus seems to be the only clear leader but they only support Head Start...

Re: Agency Software 6 years, 11 months ago #307

I'd like an answer for this too. We have Child Plus for Head Start and it's awesome. We are getting ready to start using Fannie Mae Home Counselor Online for housing counseling. But I know there has to be a system out there that can get us the data we need for our CSBG reports and satisfy HUD and allow us to enter client data for non-housing counseling clients.

Re: Agency Software 6 years, 11 months ago #308

I have spent an extensive amount of time looking at the offering out there. We have had Adsystech's AES product but they are severely lacking with Head Start and they seem to always have some issue or another that "breaks" the reports.

I looked at ChildPlus but they offer nothing for any program outside of Head Start and have no partner relationships.

In the end CAP60 was the only software that checked all the boxes. They grew out of Head Start and continue to provide outstanding reporting and features that are equal to ChildPlus. They also do cover all the other CAP programs we offer. CAP60's model is to INCLUDE all live training now and on an going basis. This really helps as staff roles change and new people come into the agency. This also help those "computer challenged" individuals that need to hear it more than once.

I am an extremely driven person with very high expectations. The entire CAP60 staff I have encountered and am working with sincerely listen to my needs and requirements and seek solutions.

Oh, CAP60 is extremely affordable!

Re: Agency Software 5 years, 1 month ago #337

I find it hard to believe that there is no guidance from the National level on this topic. We have used four different vendors and we still have not found a completely satisfactory solution. We're all monitoring the same 6 goals. It would seem that a national level workgroup could come up with a needs assessment and fund the development of a database program that would work for at least the majority of the CAPs out there.
This topic is over a year old. Did everyone give up? Just wondering what other agencies are using...


Re: Agency Software 4 years, 11 months ago #341

Hi Dora. I agree with your statements. One would think that the National partner would convene this and attempt to locate one system which would work but that seems to be to much like right for them to do that. Plus they don't want the responsibility of it not working for the whole.

In the State of Louisiana we have 42 CAA's. We currently are piloting with CAP60. It is extremely affordable and they bend over backwards helping out our agencies. They provide webinars, in house on site training and they will travel to conferences and/or hold a user conference in the state.
I hope this helps.
Keneshie Morrison, CSBG Supervisor (State Office)

Re: Agency Software 4 years, 11 months ago #342

Thank you for your input! I was just at the CAA Conference in Georgia and there all CAPs use EasyTrak. We are currently looking at Salesforce as a provider and have found one CAP in Connecticut that is using it successfully.

I can understand why they (National Office) wouldn't want to require a single provider but some guidance and discussion of the available options would be helpful. At a minimum, those of use that use the same provider could share our knowledge.

Thanks again and good luck with CAP60!

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