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Hello Everyone,

My name is Pedro Bobadilla and I currently work for the Colusa, Glenn, Trinity Community Action Partnership. I strive to improve my professional development and continue to strengthen my leadership skills. I believe this training can help me get closer to my goals of becoming a manager or administrator and someday director of an organization.

Qualities I feel are important in Leaders:
• Integrity- Does what they say
• Provides Support- Coaches and guides
• Communicates Effectively-listens attentively
• Enthusiastic
• Adaptable-Environments change so know how to guide the team.
• Risk taker- Leading the team into the unknown and have the team believe.
• Balanced-Knowing how to be a manager but also a leader at the same time.
• Thinks and Acts Strategically- Clarifies vision and values

Leadership qualities from past and current leaders who I admire have all been risk takers, supportive, good communicators, and help bring out the best in you. They want you to develop and grow as an individual and will provide you that sense of environment and opportunities. These leaders have been my parents, teachers and head coaches.

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Hello my name is Joaquin Hernandez. I am a Family Services Associate (Case Worker) with the Child Care Alternative Payment Program at CAPMC in Madera County. After I graduated with a degree in English I could not find employment other than working as telemarketer. I received a call for a position which I couldn't remember even applying. I interviewed and got the job. I was originally going to take a one semester sabbatical from my studies and return to begin a graduate MFA program. But life happens. I have been with the Community Action since 2003. I enjoy my job.

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My name is Maria Ramirez. I have been with Community Action of Ventura County for 2 years. I am in the Home Energy Assistance Program ( HEAP). I enjoy comming to work because I know that everyday I will be helping families with their utility bills. This position has allowed me to feel that I am doing something positive for others. Being part of Community Action has helped me understand the necessity of those that are less fortunate.

A current leader that has influenced me professionally and personally is my friend Irma. She has encouraged me not to give up on my dreams and to put my family and God above all. Not only is she is a leader in her business but also a responsible and honest person. She continues to grow professionally and spiritually. I like to say that when I take a step in my life I try to mimic her. I am very fortunate to have Irma as my friend

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Hello everyone!! My name is Alida Plascencia I joined Community Action Partnership of Riverside County on April 2004. My professional title is Administrative Service Assistant for planning division, my responsibilities coordinator of energy summer crisis response, cool centers and disaster preparedness and other duties assigned. When I jointed CAP Riverside, I was not aware of all the programs that are offered to low income population. I enjoy what I do at CAP Riverside. Every day is a new day; I find myself wearing different hats, which makes my day go by very fast. Helping people is a rewarding feeling and reminds me that CAP Riverside is the perfect place to work. Before joining CAP Riverside I was Senior Executive Service Assistant for Mattel Inc. headquarters, the largest toy maker in the world. I supported the Senior Vice President International Trade/Government relations/export/import and consumer affairs.

The skills that I see in a leader are: Commitment, Empathy, Integrity, Believer, Innovative/ Visionary and being an advocate.

My mother is a leader who has influenced me personally and professionally. She is companionate, and a caring person, she believes in helping others so that they can help themselves. She has always been my mentor and my motivator; mom was the ambassador to her family when they first immigrated the U.S. She became a leader by committing her time in guiding her family and by providing the tools they needed.

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Hi!! My name is Lakisha Nichols. I work for Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action in Smithfield, NC. I have worked here for 8 years. I held 2 positions before I became the Fiscal Director. I started out as the Secretary/Receptionist, then was an Accounting Technician. I am now responsible for managing the funding received for the agency. I enjoy my job...most days. I have good days were I love what I do and then there are days were I could ripe my hair out. But that is the way it is. The good days always out weigh the bad. I love Community Action and its mission.

There are several qualities I think are important for leaders to possess:
a. Forward thinking. b. Flexible c. Good communicator (Very important to me)d. Good Listener (Very important to me) e. Integrity f. Responsible

One person who I looked up to was in college was a Professor named Mr. Ward. He saw something in me that I didn't. He had me involved in all types of business events, internships, and business clubs . He had me hosting meetings and holding positions in business clubs. I was completely out of my comfort zone working with him. I thank him now for putting me in those (back then) awful situations. He taught me how to adapt to my situation. I think I value that most.
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Hello All! My name is Fetima Moore. I am employed with Martin Community Action, Inc.in Williamston, NC. I have been with MCA for 15 enjoyable years! Currently I serve as the Interim Fiscal Director. I served in 3 other positions before this last transition as the Interim Fiscal Director. As with any job, but especially with finance, it gets challenging and frustrating sometimes, but you just grit your teeth and keep it moving.

To me, the qualities that define a good leader are: vision, communication, fairness, compromise, adaptation and the list could go on and on.

The person(s) that most influenced me are my CEO, Reginald Speight and our former Fiscal Director, Gladys Reed. Both of these individuals have taught me so much, but the things that stand out are compassion and fearlessness. Both have taught me so much and believed in me and my capabilities. Unknowingly, they provided me with essential tools that I would need in the position I now hold.
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